top secret

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Dec 092013

currently working on a secret album/film project, more info soon…

radiophonic workshop

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Nov 152013

I’ve just had the privilege of playing drums with the Radiophonic Workshop at their recent “London Electronic Arts Festival” gig…

If you look very carefully you can see me emerge from behind a bank of synths at the end 🙂

A great review can be found here…

Aug 202011


  • Based on the circuits provided in the book “Electronic Synthesiser construction” by R A Penfold.
  • Two VCOs with square, triangle and sine waves.
  • 1V/Oct control voltage operation.
  • Two ADSRs.
  • LFO with triangle and square waves covering a wide frequency range.
  • 12dB resonant filter.
  • Noise source.
  • External input for processing audio through the filter and VCA.
  • Overdrive-able volume control for each VCO.
  • Patch-able switch and button for bringing in and out control voltages etc.
Aug 202011


  • Based on the Coron DS7 drum synth using the schematics kindly supplied on the Papareil Synth Labs website.
  • Two separate dual VCO drum synths.
  • Audio trigger input with sensitivity control for operation with pads or prerecorded drum patterns.
  • CV input for extra control of VCO pitch.
  • Controls for VCO pitch, LFO modulation depth, LFO frequency, decay and pitch sweep.